Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hurricane Santa Tracker - Live from Pensacola Beach, Florida with Weatherman David on Global Warming

The Global Warming Farce

So "chicken little" Al Gore has warned us of our upcoming doom from man-made Global Warming. We are led to believe we will all soon fall off the edge of the earth into the pits of Hell if we don't start using electric lawnmowers, and stop using those pesky road flares they're claiming puts rocket fuel into our water aquifers and consequently into our own bloodstreams. I am not a scientist, nor am I a climatologist. I'm just a simple person leading a simple life. I am not, however, a follower blinded by propaganda, status, greed or deception, and that is precisely what this Global Warming concept has been generated by.

As of this writing, this Winter, there are record snowfalls and record shattering frigid temperatures globally from China, W. Korea, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, Nepal, Finland, Austria, Norway, Seoul, Germany, Bangladesh, France,The United Kingdom, Texas, Iowa, Massachusetts, British Columbia, Scotland, to Florida, and our "experts" have gone underground because apparently Hell is freezing over. And it appears to me that we have been duped by possibly one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, leaving the believers scratching their heads scrambling to find rationale where there is none.

I like Weatherman David's take on it here, and agree that if we don't laugh at this catastrophic deception, a lot of people might get awfully mad and lose an awful lot of money on this snake-oil concoction.
You can fool some of the people some of the time, Al, but you can't fool Mother Nature.

Hats off to Weatherman David, and thanks, Mother Nature, for hitting the mule between the eyes with a two-by-four this Winter 2010.